From the expert - Active Oxygens

Watch Regional Business Manager, Amro Raslan speak about the Active Oxygen products in the Middle East and the different areas of application.

MECS 2020 - Mohamed Aish on the products to be showcased

Watch Senior Business Manager, Mohamed Aish speak about the products and their key functions being showcased at the upcoming Middle East Coatings Show 2020

MECS 2020 - Dr. Hendrik Schoenfelder about Coatings Industry

Dr. Hendrik Schoenfelder, Evonik's Regional President MEA, talks about the coatings industry in the MEA region and an upcoming event - Middle East Coatings Show 2020.

MECS 2020 - Sachin Arte Interview

Sachin Arte, Senior Business Manager BL- Crosslinkers shares an insight about the products being showcased at the Middle East Coatings Show 2020 for the BL - Crosslinkers.

GPCA Interview - Dr Hendrik Schoenfelder, President, MEA, Evonik

The importance of digitization under the microscope in this GPCA TV interview with Dr Hendrik Schoenfelder during the 14th Annual GPCA Forum

Our world of Construction Chemicals - Where visions become reality

From dry mix and admixture applications to bituminous coatings and industrially produced building materials. Evonik has solutions for almost all aspects of construction. 

CALOSTAT - Your safety is our concern

CALOSTAT® is the innovative high-performance material from Evonik. For the construction industry, a CALOSTAT® insulation board has been developed that combines several properties, that have been for a long time incompatible. Watch the video and find out its special features.

Evonik in the Middle East

Evonik is present in the Middle East for over 30 years and is a reliablr partner for the industry. Watch the video to find out how innovative Evonik is.

ADIPEC 2019: Insight to Evonik Oil & Gas Industry

Dr John Wey, Head of the Evonik Oil and Gas industry team, reflects on the company's participation in ADIPEC 2019.

Day 1: Evonik on ADIPEC 2019

Evonik MEA Regional President, Dr. Schoenfelder, and Global VP for Product Line Technical Applications, Stuart Hayes share their first impressions at ADIPEC 2019.

CEO Christian Kullmann explains Evonik's role in MEA

Evonik has a long tradition in the Middle East and Africa. CEO Christian Kullmann explains the role oft the company in this region and gives an outlook to the future.

Three questions for Rizwan Waheed

Watch Rizwan Waheed- Business IT and CSR Specialist at Evonik Dubai, talk about his experiences and answer questions asked by his colleagues.#HumanChemistry 

Job Swap: Germany to Dubai

Watch Evonik Employees travel to a different country, to work at a different Evonik Office and enjoy an opportunity of exploring a whole new working atmosphere.”

Evonik East Africa

Evonik’s office in Kenya serves as the hub for of East Africa and covers 8 countries including Ethiopia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. With a population of 300 million people, East Africa has a combined Gross Domestic Product of around 270 billion US Dollar.

Plasticizers in 60 Seconds

Evonik plasticizers are manufactured on the basis of isononyl alcohol (INA), and are used primarily for the manufacture of soft-PVC products and in industries such as construction and automotive industries for example.

We Are Evonik MEA

Meet the Evonik team in the region.

HPPO Technology

An eco-friendly and cost-efficient direct synthesis of propylene oxide

How to turn carbon dioxide into green chemicals

Evonik and Siemens are going for a green future: Turning carbon dioxide into specialty chemicals, using a technical photosynthesis, of electricity from renewable sources and micro-organisms.