Protectosil® has a history of preserving and protecting valuable structures, as well as increasing the lifespan of bridges, industrial facilities, and buildings of all kinds. Therefore, the citizens of Wesel am Rhein chose Protectosil® when reconstructing the facade of their city hall... full article.

Rusting metal


No chance for rust

Evonik’s specialists have developed novel silane-based corrosion inhibitors that are particularly eco-friendly, easily applied, and extraordinarily efficient... full article.

Evonik Laboratory

Organomodified siloxanes

Improved fire protection

Flame-retardant plastics can save lives by delaying the spread of a fire, allowing valuable time for firefighting. But flame retardants can achieve their full effect only if the right processing aids are used in the production of the flame-retardant compounds... full article.

Evonik team visits Utho Ngathi

Utho Ngathi

A Road to Changes 

At twenty-two, Tumelo Bori with a severe disability spends most of his time seated by the door in a dark tin house in Soweto where he lives with his 65-year-old grandmother Hilda and his two uncles. Hilda took on the responsibility ... full article. 

Image of Dubai highway where Degaroute based road markings from Evonik chemicals were used

For Safer Roads in the Emirates

Dubai Uses Evonik's DEGAROUTE® to Beat the Dust on Road Markings

Climate and environment pose tough conditions for road markings in the Middle East. The sand, oil and hot temperatures typically cause road markings to blacken quickly. In cooperation with a local partner, Evonik’s Road Marking team ... full article.

Evonik first young spirit school session in Dubai

Evonik; More than just Chemicals

Specialty chemicals manufacturer endorses regional community initiatives

With more than 100 branches across the world, Evonik works to support and develop communities where it operates. The German specialty chemicals leader does not only help make the world better through scientific innovations... full article.