Evonik's regional president presents at gpca

Dr. Hendrik Schönfelder delivers a speech at GPCA.

Dr. Hendrik Schönfelder, President MEA - Evonik Industries AG was one of the Keynote Speaker in the "Annual GPCA Forum" where he delivered a speech on "Growth and value creation through strategic portfolio development and M&A."

“Digitalization offers opportunities. The chemical industry is now entering a new era of development in which digitalization and the circular economy as well as their interaction will be of key importance. In Evonik Digital GmbH, we have established a company that is completely dedicated to the topic of digitalization,” said Evonik regional president Dr. Hendrik Schönfelder while identifying trends that will impact the industry. He further shared that Evonik’s aim is to be a leader in the chemical industry when it comes to realizing the potential of digitalization for future growth and efficiency gains.

The 14th Annual GPCA Forum this year addressed the theme “Winning through Strategic Partnerships”. The forum successfully examined strategies that chemical companies should adopt to meet new emerging market complexities and capture profitable growth. With each year passing by, the platform has grown immensely as it provides great networking opportunities and a platform to share ideas and exchange knowledge.