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Here you can find the information about our products, markets, industry teams and delivery conditions. We go beyond chemistry as we work with our customers to develop solutions that make products better. After all, it is through the networking of our expertise in chemistry, biotechnology, physics, materials science and beyond the natural sciences that our products obtain their special properties. They become more sustainable and efficient, for example, and thus ready for the future.


With more than 80 percent of all chemical products manufactured using catalytic processes, catalysts are the number one value generator in the chemical industry. We know they are at the very heart of your processes. If you are looking for an experienced and reliable catalysts partner, then look no further. Together we will find the best solution to suit your needs. 

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Our portfolio contains more than 350 additives and resins from the well-known brands TEGO®, ACEMATT®, AEROSIL® or SURFYNOL®. Each product provides an effect and functionality to your coating and offers the perfect solution for your formulation need. Our coating additives can help you master almost all your requirements - whether during production, application or later on in the end product performance.

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By developing saturated polyesters, Evonik has played an important role in influencing and extending the possible applications of precoated metals. These coating raw materials are suitable for the production of coatings with very good adhesion offering an optimum of flexibility and formability together with an excellent surface hardness. For this reason, lacquers based on DYNAPOL® have proved particularly suitable for stampable and deep drawable coatings. 

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Evonik is the pioneer in isophorone chemistry and covers the entire value chain: isophorone, diamine, as well as di-isocyanate and polyisocyanate. Additionally the product portfolio contains a full tool box of amine curing agents for ambient and heat cure applications.
The products are mainly used in industrial applications due to the mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and excellent adhesion properties.

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Evonik’s Health Care business line is a global innovation hub for the world’s leading life science companies from the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device industries. We support customers along the entire product cycle from early development to commercial manufacturing. Our system solutions are backed by the scientific excellence of our interdisciplinary and diverse teams.

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With our high-performance specialty additives and intermediates we are ensuring the desired interfacial effect ranging from defoaming and spreading to dispersing or emulsifying. We are not focused on one single industry or application but on hundreds of challenging niche applications in a broad variety of different market segments. 

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The Oil Additives specialists at Evonik focus on two core competencies – lubricant additives and specialty methacrylates. The products contribute to more sustainable solutions by providing longer life for paints, flow assurance at lower cost for oil and gas applications, and reducing the use of organic solvents in coating applications. Together, the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik work together to accomplish one purpose – creating possibilities for a sustainable world.

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Our products are used in various markets and industries, such as rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals. The broadest portfolio of our C4 chemicals can be found in our specialty segment. Our customers use our Chemical Ingredients for various syntheses, organic peroxides, antioxidants, agrochemicals, resins, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, organic acids, fragrances, lubricants, polyurethanes as well as solvents. 

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Our extensive product portfolio empowers customers to produce more effective, higher-performing, and sustainable products, delivering tangible added value. The range of applications extends from building protection, semiconductors, vehicle construction and aerospace to the tire industry, composites for lightweight construction applications in wind turbines, adhesives and sealants, plastics and fiber applications and fillers, as well as foundry, thermal insulation and paints and coatings. 

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We are the only supplier to offer both fumed and precipitated silica and metal oxides. With our expertise in particle design, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions. The local presence of Evonik offers local as well as global customers all the advantages of a global high-quality silica provider for resource-efficient applications, while increasing supply security and flexibility.

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Evonik’s high-performance polymers portfolio encompasses its range of VESTAMID® polyamides, which have been used in the automotive industry, in industrial production, and in consumer goods for over 50 years in some cases. Other products in the portfolio are chemical-resistant, transparent polyamides TROGAMID® and VESTAKEEP® PEEK for sophisticated tribological and high-temperature applications. 

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