No chance for rust

Evonik’s specialists have developed novel silane-based corrosion inhibitors that are particularly eco-friendly, easily applied, and extraordinarily efficient.

Corrosion gnaws its way stealthily through bridges, machines, and buildings, whether of metal, concrete, glass, or plastic; in all of these materials it is a serious problem. As long as six years ago, DECHEMA, the Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, estimated annual global losses due to corrosion at an astounding 3.3 billion €. So corrosion is a drain on the wallet as well as on the surfaces of materials. Industrialized countries lose about three percent of their gross domestic product to corrosion each year. But according to DECHEMA appropriate protective measures could save up to 30 percent of these costs, amounting to approximately 1 billion € every year.

Dynasylan® based corrosion-control coatings have been tried and tested over many years—in Basel’s Picasso Center, for example, and London’s “Gherkin” office tower as well as in protective paints on innumerable bridges and ships all over the world. In all these areas Dynasylan® SIVO offers a double benefit for the environment: directly, by releasing fewer volatile organic compounds, and also by increasing the service life of structures and installations as a result of its corrosion-inhibiting action. This prevents waste and represents a genuine contribution to sustainability.