Evonik MEA organized a Distributors Day event in its Dubai office. The event centered on West Africa with a key objective of fostering robust partnerships and to propel business growth

On 5th February, Evonik MEA organized the first of its series – Evonik MEA Distributors Day event, strategically focused on enhancing regional partnerships and catalyzing growth across Middle East and Africa. Attended by two key distributors, Cormart and Solevo from West Africa, the event garnered significant acclaim thus channeling further discussions on potential partnerships across other business lines.

Moderated by colleagues from the Business Development function, Stephane Guerrouche, and Kenneth Badong, the West Africa centric event commenced with an introduction to Evonik in Africa, providing insights into the company’s diverse business portfolio, followed by presentations from eight business lines.

Joerg Syrzisko, Head of MEA, said “This is just the first of many opportunities we would like to focus on with our external stakeholders to elevate our business growth. The Middle East & Africa cluster consists of 62 countries, so the opportunities are plenty. Increasing industrialization and urbanization in many African countries drive the demand for specialized chemical products across various sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and more. The event’s positive reception and heightened interest underscore a dynamic and strategic alliance in our pursuit of sustained growth and innovation.”

Also, on this day, Evonik signed an agreement with distributing partner Solevo for its business line Care Solutions for the distribution of cosmetic solutions, Actives, and base ingredients across West Africa. Speaking about the collaboration, Mohamad Harb, Business Director, MEA, BL Care Solutions, expressed “We are very pleased with Solevo's partnership for the distribution of Evonik Care Solutions products across West Africa. This agreement reinforces our commitment to enhancing wellbeing and cutting-edge expertise.”    

In appreciation of the event and Evonik’s partnership for distribution, Matthieu VanBree, Business Line Director, Chemicals, Solevo said “This event is great for us because it opens up the platform to learn of what is possible for us to further explore with Evonik in the regions we cover. We appreciate the ongoing monthly meetings between Evonik and us and yes we would like to see more of such events in the future as it opens up the opportunity to learn about other business lines.”

Martin Middernacht, Managing Director, Cormart also commended the event as an ‘eye-opener’ on Evonik’s diverse business portfolio. Middernacht said “The event was not only informative but most importantly, it clarifies the nature of Evonik’s business, from product ranges to applications and key contacts who are responsible for these business lines. Honestly, this was an eye opening event for the fact that we were exposed to Evonik’s diverse portfolio and we can confidently reach out to the responsible individuals for their respective business lines to further propel business growth.”

The event concluded with breakout sessions for further discussions on potential for partnerships between other business lines and the two key distributors.