Press release
Middle East and Africa
February 5, 2018

Evonik launches a new MetAMINO® marketing campaign to the Middle East and African Markets at VIV in Abu Dhabi

Evonik launches a new global MetAMINO® marketing campaign to the region during VIV MEA, the international trade show concerned with topics from feed to food for the Middle East and Africa taking place in Abu Dhabi on 5-7 February 2018.

“The Middle East and Africa region has some of the fastest growing populations in the world including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Kenya. This creates an increasing demand on the feed industry to deliver high quality products that would sustain the needs of this growing number of people”, said Heinrich Ruth, Vice President Animal Nutrition in Middle East & Africa.

Main focus of the marketing campaign is to promote the advantage of MetAMINO®. Through the high purity and a bioefficacy of 100 % customers receive best results with MetAMINO® compared to other methionine sources like liquid methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid (MHA-FA). Several posters, brochures and videos explain the holistic approach.

Not only has Evonik a strong position in methionine production, it is also one of the pioneers in the region Middle East and Africa with a presence dating back to the 1960s. Moreover, the German based industrial Group offers a wide range of unique technical services and handling solutions provided by a team completely familiar with local conditions that support partners in increasing profitability and efficiency.

“We have the right products and technical support from a team of local experts that help producers meet their exact formulation requirements to grow healthier animals in a more sustainable way”, Ruth added.

In particular, Evonik has developed the use of AMINONIR® and other nutritional tools over the last 20 years to provide the ultimate in rapid, precision description of raw materials. These tools now also encompasses processing impact of nutrient availability and finished feed.

To know more about MetAMINO® or any of the other products offered in the Evonik Animal Nutrition portfolio, please visit our booth in VIV MEA - booth no 7.e136.

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