Evonik Holding Egypt LLC


More than 50 years of Evonik presence to meet the demands for specialty chemicals of a continuously growing population.

Evonik has been present in Northeast Africa and especially Egypt for more than 50 years. Being one of the largest populations in the region with many potentials, Evonik decided to enhance its presence in Egypt by founding a legal entity in Cairo. Located in Nasr City, Evonik Limited Egypt started operations since 2013 though the German specialty chemicals manufacturer worked under different entities since the sixties. This office is currently responsible for eight major business lines’ sales across Egypt and Northeast Africa. 

With Egypt’s fast-growing population, the demand increases in the feed industry to deliver high-quality products in order to sustain the needs of the growing number of people. Since Evonik is the global market and technology leader in DLmethionine (MetAMINO®), an essential amino acid for healthy and environment-friendly nutrition of livestock, it provides producers in Egypt with the right products and the needed technical support to grow healthier animals in a more sustainable way. 

In addition to animal nutrition, Northeast Africa is one of our main markets for plastics, paints, and coatings.