Saudi Arabia

The oil rich gulf country ranks number one in terms of revenue in the Middle East and Africa.

Saudi Arabia has been and still is a fertile market for Evonik business. Fast growing feed additives is one of Evonik’s important businesses in the Middle East and Africa. For example, the company produces rumen-protected methionine, marketed as Mepron®, which is essential for providing dairy cows with healthy nutrition. The biggest milk processor in the Middle East who is a key customer for Mepron® is based in Saudi Arabia.

Also, Saudi Arabia is one of our main markets for Evonik’s VESTAGON®, a crosslinking agent for light stable and weather resistant powder coating systems.

In 2013, the first Evonik superabsorbents manufacturing facility in the Middle East started operating with an annual capacity of 80,000 metric tons. Located in Al Jubail at the world's largest petrochemicals site on the east coast of Saudi Arabia, the new plant helped Evonik in strengthening its global leadership in the superabsorbents business and enabled it to meet the rising demand for hygiene products in the fast-growing markets of the Middle East and Africa and Indian sub-continent.